IN 1984. 

In the photo, from left to right, Alejandra Quintero (author of this project), Jimena Quintero, Juan Guillermo Quintero and Elsa Sinisterra.




All of us create our own way of revealing ourselves to the people around us as a declaration of principles based on our bodies. Balnearios is a commitment to celebrating the most uninhibited condition of the body, when we are most free and most conscious of being exposed to the gaze of others, when we set aside any kind of judgment, when geography, age, climate, society and culture no longer matter. The intention is to honor the other, praising the way a body shines, without any filters. Balnearios seeks to recover those forms, exhibit them, and allow us to wear them as a second layer for our own bodies to create a dialogue without judging anyone else, with only the conviction to declare that all the ways we inhabit the body are as universal as the human body itself—and that there shouldn't be any rules for restricting them, only rules for appreciating them.





Balnearios promotes the acceptance of every possible social and political aesthetic as well as the architectural relations that bodies build and break with spaces and contexts. The idea is to question and restate notions of "perfection" on every front, because we would like to be part of the decolonization of perfection.


Our target: humanity and its pop culture.







How does Balnearios Happen?


The energy of this project is directed towards the idea that anyone can put themselves in someone else's skin as a way to honor the self-expressions of others through their own bodies. This happens in three different modalities:


Photography / Textile design / Publishing


Each facet where Balnearios develops creates a different way of representing these images (through art, fashion and books) so that each person can choose the format that they most identify with. This is why, the essence of Balnearios is moldable and adaptable. We like to collaborate with other artists, brands and on other platforms to sustain, grow and evolve the project. Today, Balnearios is mutating to become a multidisciplinary project open to different partnerships and collaborations.