What is Balnearios?

Balnearios is an ongoing photography project that began in 2010 as way to honor human existence by praising the beauty of the body without filters. Based on this concept, the project's raison d'être emerged: "All versions of the body are valid," which resides in  a collection of photographs shot over the course of 12 years, at 44 locations in 14 countries around the world.


 They show human beings naturally and spontaneously putting themselves on display in a variety of spas across the world, portraying the idea that "All versions of the body are valid." Countless bodies have been recorded that, intentionally or not, represent the self-governing body within the right to total difference, and where there shouldn't be any rules for restricting it, only rules for appreciating it and honoring it.


Balnearios promotes the acceptance of every possible social, political aesthetic and architectural relations that these bodies construct and break with spaces and contexts. The idea is to question and restate notions of "perfection" on every front, because we would like to be a part of the decolonization of perfection.


Our target: humanity and its popular culture.